De Anza College's site re-design omitted most of Euphrat Museum of Art's past exhibitions. We have recovered and archived the content here for historical purposes. Detailed information on the Euphrat Museum's exhibitions and programs between 2004 and 2011 is stored on this page. The webpage appears as it did in 2011.

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Nimitz kindergarten classes on a Teaching Tour of the Euphrat exhibition, Closing the Distance, 2004.

"Euphrat is not only a key asset for the students of De Anza, but a shining example of the College's outreach to the community."

Michael S. Malone
ABCNews, Wired Magazine, PBS Television

Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts grant,
      a program of Arts Council Silicon Valley
Arts Council Silicon Valley grant,
      in partnership with Adobe Systems Inc.
Arts Council Silicon Valley
City of Cupertino
City of Sunnyvale
De Anza Associated Student Body
Institute of Community and Civic Engagement, De Anza
Rotary Club Charitable Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
De Anza College
The Euphrat Museum Council
Friends of the Euphrat Museum of Art

Euphrat supporters include the Arts Council of Silicon Valley, the cities of Sunnyvale and Cupertino, the De Anza Associated Student Body, and Target

Pioneer Supporters
Kim Bielejec Sanzo
Nancy Calhoun
Ben Kashkooli
John Uchimura

Individual & Foundation Donors
Leadership Circle ($10,000 or more)
McKenna Family Foundation
Joseph and Lynn Pinto
Margaret and Hsing Kung

Patron Circle ($5,000 or more)
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Benefactor Circle ($2,500 or more)
Mark Cavagnero
Pat and Jim Jackson
Helen Lewis
Inge Roberts

Director's Circle ($1,000 or more)
Diana Argabrite
J. Richard Braugh
Martha Kanter and Carl Brown
Bill Gould
Margaret and Chenming Hu
Margaret KungSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Beverly Lenihan
Jan Rindfleisch
Eleanor and Masao Watanabe
Connie Young Yu

Associates ($100 or more)
Don Allen
Edith and Hugh Argabrite
Joan and Dave Barram
Martha and David Bills
Catie Cadge Moore
Nancy Canter
Susan Carrie
Barry and Sue ChangSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Maria Chen,
      888 Auto CorporationSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Maria Chen, The Loan StorySpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Chinese Stone Seal Society,
      Northern CaliforniaSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Bruce Davis
Jennifer Dirking
Dana Drysdale
Lisa Euphrat
Robert Gonzales
Cozetta Gray Guinn
Anita R. and Alan L. Herrmann
Jerry Hiura and Lucia Cha
Yeung Ha and Marty Honda
Kevin Keating
Iris Korol
Steve Lacy
Nicole Lea
Ginny Lear
Kathryn LeeSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Otto Lee
Li Li
Josephine Lucey
Patricia MachmillerSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Janet Leong Malan
Anthony May
Michael Millman
Dr. Judy Miner
Charles Newman
Nancy Newton
Deborah NiuSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Barbara Nunes
Diane Pierce
Jane and John Reed
Jan RindfleischSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Rotary Club of Cupertino
Alvin and Phyllis Rutner
Harry Saal
Dolly Sandoval
Bobby ShuehSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
John Swensson
Jim Walker
Lai WebsterSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Flo Oy WongSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Gilbert Wong
Christie YoungSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Frank and Theresa YuSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Margaret YungSpecial donation in honor of Paul Hau
Barbara Zeitman-Olsen

Special donation in honor of Paul Hau Special Donations: In Honor of Paul Hau for Civic Engagement
"What a wonderful way to honor me by giving to a visionary organization like the Euphrat." - Paul Hau, painter
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