De Anza College's site re-design omitted most of Euphrat Museum of Art's past exhibitions. We have recovered and archived the content here for historical purposes. Detailed information on the Euphrat Museum's exhibitions and programs between 2004 and 2011 is stored on this page. The webpage appears as it did in 2011.

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Staff and Council

"Through its exhibitions, Arts & Schools Program, events, speakers, and special projects, the Euphrat has made a significant contribution to California's cultural heritage. Thousands of schoolchildren and other members of our community have been enriched by their presentations. Many kudos to this organization that has done so much in spite of budget cuts and small staff."

Pearl Cheng, Cupertino Union School District Trustee

Jan Rindfleisch, Executive Director*
Diana Argabrite, Director of Arts & Schools Program
Nancy Hom, Executive Consultant
Samson Wong, Graphic Designer
Marlene Larson, Preparator

Advisory Council
Margaret Kung, Past President
C. Donald Allen
Joan Barram
Sharon Chinen
Dr. Judy Goddess
Dr. Julian E. Gómez*
Robert Gonzales
Cozetta Gray Guinn
James E. Jackson
Duane Kubo
Dr. Hsing Kung
Helen Lewis
Michael S. Malone
Dr. Judy Miner
Dr. Brian Murphy
Dr. Walter S. Newman, Jr., M.D.
Randy Okamura
Jane Reed
Inge Roberts
Dolores A. Sandoval
Lisa Euphrat Saunders
Jianhua Shu
Lawrence E. Stone
Consuelo Jimenez Underwood
Eleanor Watanabe*
Steve Yamaguma
Connie Young Yu*

* Executive Committee
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